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I am attending the Academy of Art studying under BFA Game Design. My dream is to create a game or something that will bring joy to nearly anyone that sees it. I know that this dream is a long distance from my reach but i wont give up. I love receiving critiques for i see it as my guide to help me improve.

Every Saturday at 8:30pm PST I do Requests streams. If you want to see me draw something, head on down there. There will be some rules on how I take the requests and other general stream rules. Also occasionally I stream on a random day of the week just to draw things when i get the urge to. But I hope to see you there! <3

Interested in Commissioning me? Feel free to click the provided link:…



Im going to be streaming in about 28 minutes! just a note, i had to purge mt request list cause there were too many. also I have two priority drawings i gotta do. so i may or may not be able to do requests this stream. sorry :T
hope to see you there though!…
Tap Sketch
Did this in class, shhhhh dont tell anyone

(looks like it is animated but it isnt trust me :P
Request Stream (Feb 11th) Leifinna Valentine's
So this was next on the list of Valentine's day stream. i wanted to do more leifinna things cause they are just adorable. 
anyways, this piece includes Leif the main character of Midromeda with the midromeda ver. of :iconhadynomscinnanom:

you two have fun >w> *gets out*Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon 
Draw It Again! Winter Neko with Lollipop
So here is the before and after comparisons. pffft i cant even tell the difference between them pffftttt
im kidding, i can see alot of difference, main similarity is that the anime style influence is still in my hand :T i need to try to fix that eventually. Table Flip The introduction of Digital art and tablets helped me transition from traditional pencil and pen art to the digital one. The 2010 one is from my old DA account, which i forgot all the information for other than the name with was :iconvivilocopon: but that account was basically drawings from highschool, when i only had traditional art and a scanner. You can check it out if you want but I have no way of accessing it. 

btw, due to the weird sizing of the piece, I had to kinda reformat the original meme base. but dont worry
You can find the original blank meme base here

But man what a blast from the past amiright? Whooooobooooy
Cool Cat with Lollipop (redraw)
I have been wanting to do a redraw of something i did a long time ago for awhile now and im happy to have been able to get my ass to do so. I will be showing how the original one looks like when I post the Draw that again meme thing format thing you know. 

Anyways I hope you like it!
a friend suggested i post it here.

"I feel terrible that I cant be there for some people. or maybe some people dont want my help? idk. I want to be there for them but I still have to respect their personal space and give them room. something i constantly forget alot of the time. but i guess it is okay for me to feel terrible and not just brush it off. It is a good reminder that im a human. A beautiful human being that is capable of feeling anger, jealousy, happiness, sadness, all those emotions. Not the exact quote, but i remember Bob Ross mentioning that for a great life, just like a painting, you have to have darks in it. But i know that with the painter, it is generally up to the painter with what is painted. but there are obstacles that a painter encounters. lack of certain paint, restrictions from other people, or even restrictions that they set upon themselves. Everyone has their own painting, their own life. but it will be good to not compare your painting or your life to others. instead if you do want to compare, do it to help. give advice, share experiences."

pretty much what i wanted to say. but im only 22 years old. going to be 23 in August. There is still so much of my life to live and learn. But so far, i like how it is. It isnt complete hell, nor is it complete paradise. a good balance and that is just the way i like it. the perfect amount of dark paints and light paints. 


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Thanks for the watch I like your art
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I really appreciate the watch mate! Have a good one~
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Hay aiz do you have a ref of you I can use .3.
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what kind of ref you want exactly bro? :)
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Just of the you that you draw the cutie with the blue hair ^w^
SeikoloveyCakes Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016  Student Digital Artist
irl or just the little toony?
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