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I am attending the Academy of Art studying under BFA Game Design. My dream is to create a game or something that will bring joy to nearly anyone that sees it. I know that this dream is a long distance from my reach but i wont give up. I love receiving critiques for i see it as my guide to help me improve.

Every Saturday at 8:30pm PST I do Requests streams. If you want to see me draw something, head on down there. There will be some rules on how I take the requests and other general stream rules. Also occasionally I stream on a random day of the week just to draw things when i get the urge to. But I hope to see you there! <3

Interested in Commissioning me? Feel free to click the provided link:…



Hey guys! going to be doing some homework. Come join if you want :D
only will be streaming for a coupe hours though…
Environment Pieces 3 by SeikoloveyCakes
Environment Pieces 3
Yet another assignment from my color and light for concept art class
i think im really improving but my god am i getting tired. 
This one involved varying light sources of windowed light, tungsten lighting, street light, fluorescent lighting, candle light, and mixed light (basically something with two different colored light sources
Hey guys! guess who is procrastination with their homework again? :D
im going to be streaming myself doing my homework again. You can join me if you want to…
YOOOOOOOOOOO im going to be streaming some homework assignments. If you wanna join me, here is the link :D…
Hey guys! Entry period for the Midromeda Contest is over. So you know what that means? Time for you guys to start on your submission! I gave plenty of time for you guys to be able to work on your submissions as I know majority you have school or have other things going on in your life. i would advise you take your time and take advantage of the large amount of time given to you. Use this time to improve your character design and story. Ask other to go over it if you want. Getting a second pair of eyes to go over your design can help improve it. If someone doesnt understand something about your character that you want them to understand from just a single look, your design is flawed and should be improved on. I believe in you all though!

As a reminder, I want your character design that you wish to see in Midromeda. I would recommend that you aim to make an in-depth and well-designed character for either a major role character or an enemy. Aim big! When I mean in-depth, I want a character whose backstory is well thought out and makes sense with how their character is designed. Where everything you need to know about the character is in the story and in the design. But you will get more points and a higher chance of winning if you manage to create your character design to where the design alone says everything about your character and your story is frosting on the cake. 

Here is what I will be expecting:

A character sheet of your character drawn in different perspectives, poses and expressions. I would recommend you use professional character sheets (like Steven Universe or Kill la Kill character sheets) as reference. Notice I say reference and NOT COPY. Do not copy a professional's character sheet, only for a reference for your character sheet layout. I want you to create your own character sheet. You can copy the layout of how I did my character sheets though. (See below)
Midromeda- Cinnanom (Cinna) - Character Sheet by SeikoloveyCakes   Midromeda- Leif - Character Sheet by SeikoloveyCakes   Midromeda- Suchy - Character Sheet by SeikoloveyCakes

In terms of the story, I want it to be written with your character sheet. Either in the description, a separate word doc, or on the page itself, as a journal entry, it is up to you. So long as I am able to read it easily, it will be fine. if you do have your backstory as a journal entry on DA, be sure to include the link to it in your description for easy access. 


1. People who already have a character in the story as either main crew, major character, or minor character is NOT allowed to participate. The Midromeda Poster below displays everyone that already has a character in Midromeda in some way, shape, or form. These people featured in the poster below are not allowed to participate in any form. If we see a submission from you, you will be disqualified. 
Midromeda poster UPDATED by SeikoloveyCakes
 2. No Over-powered OCs. Even the "God/Goddess" characters in Midromeda has strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect! 
3. You are only allowed to submit two characters max. If you submit more after 2 submissions, they will be ignored. 
4. Fan Characters are not allowed. As We want to be able to get this project out there, we want to avoid copyright infringement the best we can.
5. Once you feel like your ready to submit your piece, go to the MidromedaOfficial group (midromedaofficial.deviantart.c…)
and submit it to the gallery folder labelled "OC Contest." This will help me keep track on who has submitted what to the contest. Note: If you dont want others to be able to comment on your piece, that is okay. the judging of the submissions will be judged elsewhere. If you decide that you dont want comments, be sure to disable the comments when you are submitting the art to DA (there should be an option at the bottom to disable comments)

Contest ends on December 19th, 2016

Best of luck to you all! Birb Birb 

You are more than welcome to contact me before the contest date to get some early critic or advice on how to improve your chances of winning. I will give you critique but wont be as in-depth like how I will be when I start to go over the entries. I will give more of advice on what would help your design.


Character will play either a Major ally or Major enemy role (depending if your character is a bad guy or not or course) where they will fight alongside or against the main crew temporarily. 
  Character will play a Minor ally or Minor enemy role where they pop up randomly for a short time or just a character in the background.
I will draw your character. Full body with color and basic shading.



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